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Reviews for "Ty Lee - Fun in the Sun (18+ commission)"

Always love your work. Short but amazing x3
And your style is always so close to what they look like in the actual shows, it's amazing.
Aaaaand I particularly love how fast you can get these out, unlike some commissioners that take a couple months and $100.

..Also I'm a sucker for customisation, so though your options are limited, there's still a lot to enjoy in term of preferences.

You're definitely one of my favourites ^-^ Keep up the great work!

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you so much! This one actually took the longest of all of my commissions, at 1 week and 4 days. ;)

Everyone in my life has always told me to slow down, to which I respond: I only have one speed!

Feel like Ty Lee should be in a bit more of a flexible position. Anyway, great work. How bout a Toph one next.

EroPharaoh responds:

Like a pretzel, ha! Thank you :)

The panties on his head had me dying! Bwa-ha-ha! This is some good shit!!

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you!! It's his new hat, of course! ;D

FINALLY years after years we got an animation about tylee and a good one!! fantastic work and i love the'' ball in the mouth '' joke on your animations XD .........its your signature now

EroPharaoh responds:

Thanks! I figured I did it once and people appreciated it, why not keep doing it? You can also click on the panties off to the side! ;)

you did one of my favorite cartoon girls quite flawlessly you know I was just thinking since this is newgrounds why not do one with zone-tan

EroPharaoh responds:

I love Zone's work, not really interested in collabs at the moment though. :) Thank you!