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Reviews for "Ty Lee - Fun in the Sun (18+ commission)"

I like the animation

but i like more is the background music

what song is it

EroPharaoh responds:

"Chinese Folk Hop" by Teoiric (the full version sounds a bit different - it has a longer intro and is a bit longer overall. I clipped it to work with my animation and loop), they are on Soundcloud. To the left on this page there is a section that says "Music", if you click their name you can see more of their work :)

I'm glad you like the music, I actually spent a really long time finding the perfect song (that was also CC & Royalty free!)

On a short note: the potential of 'options' in this animation is tantalizing. All those variations you could get with a few simple adjustments - amazingly voiced and in an (almost) lore Avatar quality!
So far Anaxus was the only one to stand up to lore standards regarding Avatar ...

Anyway - is there any way, free or not-so-free, to get this little miracle in some offline file format? I've been waiting for years for something like this and do not believe in prevalence of online content.

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you so much! Anaxus is a fantastic artist, love his work.

I do have all my animations in several formats (webm, mp4, swf +html to open the swf) on my Google Drive account, which is accessible if you become a patron of $10 or more. I don't have the following up on my Google Drive, but if you want, I can e-mail you an exe or mac executable (I forget the extension name) of this one. Let me know what you think, if you can't swing the $10 I can throw you a bone and send you just that file. My e-mail is eropharaoh (at) yahoo.com :)

that guy is so lucky

EroPharaoh responds:

;D Ty Lee all to himself!

This is pretty hot. Also, good job for making Ty Lee 18 in this.

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you! :)

you already know. what would make this even more amazing to me.

however, your work is ... so damn good in this. enjoy those 5*

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you! ;)