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Reviews for "'DUCKS!'"

is a good game.

but no seriously good job.

This is a great game! Definitely one I'd play again, though it took me a while to figure out how to get Helium Duck to the warp pad on the last level. (The cuack tip helped me through that one). I'm absolutely going to recommend this to my friends :O

I am a fan of Lost Vikings and all games similar and true to that spirit. The gameplay of this game was very good.

The splash duck and the brick duck were interesting to operate with, but the helium duck was somewhat underdeveloped all did was just this one thing of flying over spikes. Game should be balanced by either giving helium duck new ability or some other traps that helium duck would bypass in a more interesting manner.

As for all games from Butzboo - graphics are superb!

The main reason score is not higher is because game was too short. Had it 2.5 times as much levels it would be a 5/5 from me.

Very nice The Lost Vikings alike concept. Nicely done. But the pace is a little slow. Could be faster.

Holy shit, that last level was some chip's challenge shit. Great puzzles, great characters, I loved that each duck had such a weird design and simple name 'Helium duck' 'Brick duck' and the cute little noises they made between switches. The idle animations were pretty cute too, though pushing blocks obviously looked a bit silly. Anyway, I had a lot of fun. Favorite Duck was BRICK DUCK.