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Reviews for "'DUCKS!'"

Well damn this is absurdly fun. But get someone to proofread you, THOUGH. It's TOUGH to do things by yourself. ;)

Butzbo responds:

OOH good point on that one, at least now I don't expect to miss that one again, hheh.
Thanks for playing!


AMAZING GAME! my only advice is to change x to space.

quack quack QUACK QuAcK quack quack quack.

The game was Super fun and the characters, while only slightly different, all were varied and lent themselves to puzzles very well.
I liked the crude, colorful art-style and the music and sound effects were enjoyably childish and just give you that warm fuzzy feeling.
I do have to say though, the game was far too short, I'm no master at puzzle games but I managed to beat it in only about 40 minutes(-1 point) and the ending was so abrupt and sudden that I got whiplash. The ending thing isn't just a petty complaint as it honestly left me feeling cheated and unfulfilled, it really hurt the experience(-2.5 points).
I wish it was longer and more fleshed out, especially near the end, but all-in-all it's an enjoyable, coloring-book style puzzle game and a good time waster.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for your comments!
This is still the 'jam version' of the game (made as part of a two-weeks game-developing marathon) so it's true that it's quite compact, and at the moment I couldn't afford time for an appropiated ending sequence.

That said, this is a project I hope to expand upon on another platform, with more duck interactions, and simple (but more elaborated) story.