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Reviews for "'DUCKS!'"

This game gives you a warm feeling inside from the get-go. Great music, visuals and mechanics!


very cool, I like the story

amazing art as always, I'd love to see this expanded. One of the best game jam games I've played, but if you continue developing it, many things need to be addressed: Pacing is slow, hitboxes and collision are weird. You introduce new things nicely but still reuse the same level elements again and again.

Butzbo responds:

Those are good points, I especially thought a lot about how to keep the levels fresh without repeating the same pieces and structures, I had to scrap a few assets that weren't working so well, so on the last levels I went for getting the most variety out of the elements I had, that's one thing to keep in mind if I go for an expansion :)
Thanks Geo!

This is great :)

Butzbo responds:

Thanks! :)