Reviews for "Sherlock Has a Clue"

honestly i thot colonel was 'possible' but i also thought that just because colonel had stuffed the body doesn't mean he is the murderer, for example people with authority wish to hide the secret to solve the mystery for themselves and hide the body because they found it. a weird idea but eh..

but yay! a sherlock holmes case. a lot of elements in this game/case seems familiar for some reason...

Ha! FUN but short, as always. good job bro. Can you make more like this one? I like the way you made it all happen in one place, as opposed to the other Sherlock games you made. Please do this format again! ;) but, is it too hard for you to make them a little longer? I get that, I just wanna know.

Pretty entertaining, I like the stream line stye of the puzzles. not very challenging but complex enough to have fun!

there is a certain charm to all these games and this one is no exception also I enjoyed the whole clue aspect with finding the weapon and everything else so all in all a great game and keep them coming

Enough puzzles to fire the braincells DT without being too difficult.