Reviews for "Sherlock Has a Clue"

I didn't enjoy this game much because one clue leads to another. This means if I can't find one clue, I won't be able to solve the rest. Also, the presence of three numeric locks is a no-no to me.
Thanks to the walk through, I didn't realise there was a hidden bell and I totally missed a lens on the floor.

I always enjoy these, simple with good sound effects and graphics. I also appreciate that the developers go to this much trouble to produce these games free to the public. Great work!

this is clue but on newgrounds

i needed to see walkthrough after the magnet, dental floss, and knife. i don't know the next haahaha. amazing htough, i did not pay attention to who's the murder, what is the weapon and where did it takes place. ta ta :D

This is pretty good, but I miss the musical cue that plays whenever Sherlock says "MURDER" in the earlier games. Other than that, great job making this!