Reviews for "Sherlock Has a Clue"

pretty cool, I forced two combinations by luck, like the light switch and the safe with the 3 numbers ( pure luck)to finish without a walkthrough so I missed any clues on said things, otherwise it was pretty straight forward and I enjoyed it. maybe I missed something that was obvious. I dunno. The murder thing was cool cuz it was logical and simple :) Love the art as always.

While it was a rather short game the overall play was fun and I did have to think for a minute. I enjoyed it alot and thought it was intersting.

(Newgrounds should set some config file to get your games automatically to the front page)

Most point 'n clicks are trash that is submitted frequently, good games that come twice a year at best, or one-hitter masterpieces, that can take years (if not a decade) to get a sequel... if any. This is not new, this is the way they do it since I first started playing flash.

For some time now, your subs are part of the very very few which are published often but still keep quality gameplay, voice acting included. As in, they are far from being the garbage some people deliver because they want quantity over quality. You keep both quality and quantity at a high value.

My only complaint is that in your games, logic sometimes gets thrown out of the window HARD. Especially some codes, locks and etc. So let's talk about this one game: numerical lock in a tool box? I/OSwitches on a library? oh and also a NUMERICAL LOCK ON A BATHROOM CABINET? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That's what keys (or "key items") are for. Consider using less "codes" and more items and combinations of items.

As a suggestion, consider adding multiple endings again! It adds replay value and, although the games are quite short and have aforementioned issues with logic, they are one of my favorite flash pncs on the net. (neutralxe's pncs still better - Better than everyone, now that I think of it.)

A bit scary at first glance, however, the clues fell like dominoes. Plenty of amusing cheese and parody.

It seems like it might just be me, but I was confused by the puzzles! For one, I thought there were too many number puzzles, so even if I did find a clue, I wouldn't know if it was a clue and if so what puzzle it would solve...again maybe I am just not too good at these games, but I am stuck and all I have is the knife! I like the game, but I wish I could get farther.