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Reviews for "Therrain"

Coolibert jam game!, I liked the 'puzzle' dimension it had as you had to build your tower in a way that you could better protect it from this cloud, but also not getting yourself trapped, making all those otherwise smaller choices all more meaningful.
I wasn't sure if the different building pieces had particular properties or had different resistance to the rain, but I liked the variety of assets.

Hi there and what an intriguing game you have here. Starting from scratch, with no real direction of what to do next, you slowly progress through this game in order to figure out that it has a some meaning behind it. An unique combination between a tetris style game and a platformer, that fits the theme of the Ludum Dare in an original way. And with a relaxing music to top it off. Sure it does lack a few things related to user interface... like a menu, achievements system or a proper tutorial, but considering it's a game jam I'll write those off for now. I've featured this game as the first one in my Ludum Dare let's play video: https://youtu.be/_OkbbV2kKUI . Kudos to you for making such a nice and enjoyable experience. Keep it up.

Simple and easy game, very entertaining, a perfect game for those who are looking to have something quick to play. Enjoyed very much, and I loved the idea keep up with it.

Very interesting concept - but it would be nice if the buildings could fall through me instead of on top of me - as others have said, it's easy to get stuck.

Addicting and fun but really hard.