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Reviews for "Therrain"

Eventually i got a "red screen" couldn't do anything anymore. It was fun while it lastet though :)

StuffedWombat responds:

aw fuck, thats a camera bug.

could you send me a pm, describing what you did before you got redscreened?

thanks :)

Very defying and interesting. Good concept. I love it.

This game has a very unique gameplay mechanic.
Although it's kinda irritating how the rain can sometimes flush away your entire platform that already took a decent amount of time to build. But nonetheless i had a pretty entertaining time with it.

StuffedWombat responds:

yeah I knew about that problem and tried to adress it by making the cloud follow you down a little bit when all of your blocks get destroyed, so you dont have to rebuild everything.

balancing that was something I had almost no time for tho :)

Really nice little concept, but it would be slightly nicer if you had a broader area to build and be able to choose in what sequence to put all the obtained pieces. Also, some more survival elements would also be nice.

very cool concept.... reminds me of the game avalanche where you play as a piece of gum