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Reviews for "Therrain"

It is fun, I would play more games of this epic saga. :D

I admit that I didn't know how to play the game at first, but it got much better! I knew it would be too easy to just hit the cloud once. This ended up being a very creative game. I especially like the "T" thing. It reminds me of the tower from "Teen Titans". The sound effects are great too.

I like how you can jump higher. I didn't notice the lake of fire beneath me. Is this supposed to be Hell? Well, with this fun game it sure isn't. Thank you for this very creative game.

Excellent idee and concept.
But I dont like to be blocked under a piece. I think it would be better if the character go auotmatically above the piece in this case. And sometimes you dont see the bottom of the screen when ther's new pieces...
But the game is very interesting ! Great job !

pretty good, difficulty increases in a steady manner, but would do better if upgrades were included, the cloud gets faster and better but the character is still as slow and lacking as in the beginning. Also as stated before it should be mentioned that double jumping attacks the cloud. Almost gave up on his game until I saw a comment stating you have to double jump to attack cloud and further the game.

Decent game, just needs more polishing. Interesting concept though.

The cloud follows you. So just stand on one half of the platform and build on the other half. You can build a tower all the way to the top of the screen no problem.