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Reviews for "The Ritual 2"

Ritual series is among best of Carmel games because puzzles are harder then usual. In this game they were easier then in the first part trough.
I loved that the flag code was not fully displayed so a player either has to know that flag, look it up or remember it. I just liked that you have to know how the Latvian flag looks without game telling you this so unless you are a Latvian, you must have some geography knowledge or look it up.
The cabinet in ritual room was the hardest to crack, very careful observation required to notice screws and even after that I don't know how to put the numbers in order just got right by luck after some time.
The cemetery puzzle was ridiculously easy, especially compared to first Ritual game. The keyword should not have been written with bigger letters so players could look at possible words and decipher which word is the keyword.

I predicted the ending just seconds before it happened, right after I completed all puzzles and stopped thinking about them and sat back to watch the ending, but it was still a decent and humorous ending.

As all Carmel games - short and lacking movement animation, but I will give a nice score for a bit more inventive puzzles then usual.

Very challenging!!! Good job, but i think you should add more medals.

It took me quite some time before I figured out how to operate the calculator. Then, game play went smoothly for me. Not sure what Gidon's granny had done to get banned from the library. :P Also, it seems that Joe's evil idea has always failed.

stop making fun of Ritual open your eyes and bare the darkness within.
don't fear the evil in them.
like a puppet that was disgorged by a gloomy coffin.
your body is covered in blood-red ice and blackness is the cradle of your soul.
can you see me? I can feel the chill of your hands raise your bloodstained talons scowl at the world around.
you let us destroy each other and avoid a future where all is clad in doubt and confusion. otherwise with our wings and feet ripped from us
we will rot away under this empty sky.

well this time most of the puzzels whar a challega in a way
end yes the joke on the finaly is alweys a kickker