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Reviews for "The Ritual 2"

fr some reason I couldn't use the screwdriver on the area where you get some numbers.
I kept over thinking it and bugged me a lil till I saw the walkthrough and wanted to punch myself it was so simple. I was clicking in the wrong area. in any case I liked the ending.
I always appreciate it when jerks get their comeuppance. Usually in a point and click you lie cheat steal make people sick and screw over everyone to achieve a goal with pixel hunt and bs math puzzles, ( small favor and remus are rare exceptions of balance and great story and art) the puzzles though easy did entertain me, still the first one threw me on a loop XD. great art. I had fun.

Well, another escape game it is. You should know by now that there are many more game types which can be made to play only on mouse. Think about something that doesn't envolve simple puzzles, uncreative stories and unempathetic characters.
Really, it shouldn't be hard to come up with ideas other than: "two douchy guys have a school project and they summon a demon to make the grade, through stealing objects and resolving stupid unreasonable puzzles."
I just sincerelly hope that big content creators could develop better games when they have the resources to make good enough art every fucking week or so. At least make an interesting story for these fuck up games, and not the same sellout content.
And people still have guts to defend these unnoriginal click escapes. I'll only give the half-star because the art is good. Please have the decency to build something that actually has an impact, stop with the yada-yada that leaves people thinking "why does this cancer keeps polluting the game community?".

Another great game guys, I love the artwork, the voice acting, and the difficulty level. It's hard enough to provide a challenge while still being fairly simple fun. Keep up the good work!

P.S. The German translation is just fine :)

Better then the first, once I got how the creators gave hints in The ritual games,the puzzles became a lot easier, and a lot more fun and clever.

Keep of up the good work.

I enjoy the games you make but logic is just being slowly thrown out the window.