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Reviews for "Monster Hordes"

sry so the princess girl isn't magician and she doenst recives dmg lool whwat a joke

I can't get past the How to Play section, it freezes when it explains what the runes do. I click on the check mark to go to the next but it does nothing, and music is still playing. So i'm not sure what is happening or if anyone one else is having this problem.

fun game. unfortunately it crashes at the final battle =(

I really do like do some defense strategy and this game is pretty decent for newcomers. Easy to put some points and golds in and you are all set to go. For me as I am obsessing with tower defense, I will say this game is pretty slower ever. Although it is not boring anyways. I like to watch some fights on couple of skeleton. Day 14 is pretty challenge and give me a moment of thought to stop play this game before I put whole of my hours in it. Ha-Ha! Good work on this game!

Very slow paced at first and the time between waves is annoying the whole time. spells are overpowered for now (round 11) and I always have maxed out mana. I can also spam ANY troop or spell and it will get the job done, especially if I start the first wave with a quick spell. Big glitch; I am still able to use the runes even though I don't have any more. The shop just shows I have negative runes. There is also very little control of what is happening and very few options of spells and warriors. Base upgrades max at level 3. Overall, very little amusement. I am here for the trophies and already quit last time I found the game because I got so bored. At least make it so i personally control the wizards or I can skip the cutscene or something.