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Reviews for "Monster Hordes"

I don't get why this game has such a high score, to be honest... 2 stars. It's alright, not exactly a BAD game, but I wouldn't say it's particularly GOOD either. Meh, it did keep me entertained for around 9 in-game days so I'll give it 2.5 stars.

Great game, but it needs more speed. Maybe dont show each wave and let units move faster!

Freezes at the end of tutorial. The check mark button doesn't work.


The game isn't bad but keeps freezing up my browser, luck was on my side because of all my troops and healers, the final boss glitched even and didn't give me the metal for defeating it. My advice is summon 4+ healers and a fair amount of centaurs (speed helps) for when you can't do anything.