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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

LOL really that bad eh? But if you think back even elementary school art classes are bad. I'll be damned if every art teacher I ever met in my life didn't refused any view different from their own. The whole one way to paint or draw etc thing totally present even back then.

That's an interesting way of looking at art like that d(^-^d)

Man, you're getting good at the angry/smartass rants/ They're getting better than the angry rants from doctor Cox (from Scrubs)! And dr.Cox has some really good rants in the show.

Also, the illustration/cartoons are gettig way better. Really getting good at your own style you got going, it's really becoming like a brand of its own. And I can learn a lot from it by looking at what kind of details you put in or leave out. Like going full detailed with the Mozes picture to really put the epicness into it, and making things look simple/semi-shitty when making little throwaway jokes inbetween.
Also, the color choices look weird, but work really well. Sweet job, keep it up!

LOL, Always speak the truth ^^

Damn, there should be more people like you. I laughed my ass off and agree with what you was saying. The is just so many fucking, stupid people who follow like sheep to the slaughter house, in many things in life. So nice to see there is other people out there that isn't totally full of B.S., to the point they cannot only not enjoy life but see what is really going on. You keep up the good work, I'm glad to see there is still hope in the human race.