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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

I'm CG and my biggest art school sin is using Blender to do my modeling and then exporting the models to the software I'm actually suppose to use. TBH I find modeling in, say, Maya, to be a pain.

As for the video..it's classic TD. No complaints here.

I could give a rat's ass if a person's politics are liberal, conservative or nonexistent. I care if someone is an uncaring ass. I have been called a liberal, a fascist and worse. The only one I ever got violent about was being called a Trump supporter. You are 100 (add any fake percent to that number for emphasis) percent right about Art school, and college in general. There is a culture of elitism and recruiting that sours a good portion of the entire experience (or so I've surmised..)

Great video, fun premise. Thanks for the art.

You are breaking the magic spell, that all teachings & theories are capable of being using the same methods to gain control & indoctrination. However, conservatives are more free then the regressive so called liberals.

my art teacher is like the preacher who hold venomous snakes and gets bit nonstop

Oh boy, time to put my tinfoil hat on again