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Reviews for "TD-Mass Hysteria"

I'm looking for a black car. Have you seen a black car?

Animation was cool, viewpoints we're cringe.

An amusing free-verse rant in the best mid-00's rhythms.

Personally I prefer Robert Crumb's "Fine Artiste Blues:"

When I quit my job I spent three months in bed
Thought I'd take up fine-art painting instead
Got myself a canvas an' a can of paint:
Five minutes' work is gonna make me a saint...

"And nothing is new under the sun"--see? We're back to religion again!

all you were doing is trying to explain social paradox
cause like you could literally compare art school to anything even engineering schools

no need for your descriptive metaphors cause you know it was just bullshit down the drain right :P

do your self a favor and keep drawing pretty pictures, or if you like to chat endlessly about scrambles of words you made you might as well go join a Poet school if that exists :P

Raziberry responds:

Oh the irony.