Reviews for "Slavery Triangular Trade"

kinda boring. and racist

Well this game is gonna anger a few people.
Not me, though. I don't care who this could offend. What I do care about, though, is facts.
This game is barebones. The graphics are hideous, audio unimpressive, gameplay repetitive and boring with a very vague resemblance of balance.
Upgrades are not pleasing, resulting only in increased numbers rather than in new gameplay elements. Science could be a gamechanger, making some very interesting tweaks, but it turned out to be a joke.
I'm used to produce walls of text when criticizing a game, but here... I've just got nothing more to say. It's a sad attempt at resource management genre that has nothing to present.
But hey! It can give more informations upon right click!

If you could make the map a bit more better for the eye ( maybe draw the map somewhat better) I would give it 5 stars, amazing game other then that

Unfortunately a bug causes the game to freeze in campaign mode in the later stages.It happened multiple times.
Other than that, I loved every other aspect,and how it always keeps the player under the right amount of stress.
Interface could be better,it was slightly overwhelming at first and took sometime to get what is what.

Sebbernery responds:

Someone else told me about a freeze issue. I'll investigate that. Thanks for telling it !

I'm going to be seconding what a lot of reviewers have said here. I like the historic/educational aspect of the game, but there are some glaring issues. My biggest though would be the extra ships. I tried the game twice in campaign mode, and both times, as I created new ships, they seemed to route to the other ships currently on the triangle instead of starting independently, leading to a coalesced blob of ship that would reach each port at the same time. Because of this, instead of a steady stream of trade, I would have a single ship carry everything, with 10 other empty ships tacked onto it, while my warehouses quickly filled to capacity again. As the game is now, the extra ships were completely useless. This could be remedied if you had a fixed amount of time that a ship would stay at the dock, perhaps, instead of being based on what it was picking up or dropping off. Just a thought.
One other tip would be, instead of starting by having to buy a soldier for 0g in europe, start with a single soldier already in Africa. After all, a lot of slavery was the result of tribes capturing other tribes, so it would make sense historically, and it would certainly streamline the start of the game, (where not much was explained).