Reviews for "Slavery Triangular Trade"

You forgot to add the chiefs who sold their own tribesmen.

Hi !
Nice game ! I understunde it is from a gamejam so it was made rapidely. But to improve it I would say it lacks of sounds. Some sounds to indicate events (riots, dying slave, etc...) would help.
I have not been able to finish the game. Maybe my strategy was bad, or this game is too long.

On the historical purpose of the game, it is very interesting to show this periode of history from a global point of view, to show the big picture.
However I think it is a little "gentelly racist". This shows natives affricans as pure victims of history and not as actors of it. Actually, in triangular trade, traders company would not send soldiers to Affrica. They would send gold borrowed to a european bank, and would buy black slaves to a dominant african tribe. This was their main argument to not take the blame. They said " African tribes do enslave each other in tribe wars, we just took part of this pre-existing trade". This information is right, but it has no value to excuse slavery.

AMAZING! First I was a bit skeptical but after a minute I was completely hooked it's just SO GOOD! I love the attention to detail and how well the history aspect was made.

it isn't necessarily racist as this kinda happened in history but overall pretty good game design graphics were much to be desired however

Very unique mechanics in this game. It could be a bit better visually, but other than that I liked this game.