Reviews for "Slavery Triangular Trade"

Well, at first I thought it's going to be just another plain idle clicker game, but very soon I was proven otherwise. This game actually requires your attention and was fun, especially in later stages when everything became a bit intense. The game's topic is also interesting, you don't see originality very often in this genre. By the way, the "Science !" popups were quite funny, too.
What I think you should improve though, is the graphical interface. In online games, you have just a couple of seconds to impress the player and both because this game has a slower start (before you get the knack of making money) and the GUI doesn't look that good, some people might just quit.

E.g. the menus are somewhat simple (plain text in semi-transparent boxes), try to decorate the buttons slightly and choose some kind of captivating background for the title screen. But the thing which quite bothers me, is the unnecessarily large log area which covers a part of the map (which is not used, but still) and the ships which sail below it all the time.
Also, in later stages you don't have the time to properly read the log, but messages pop up in high frequency. I'd suggest you to keep the text, but assign a specific colours or use icons. You can't possibly read all the messages, but because they are generic and repeat themselves, all you need is to register what kind of message it is through your lateral vision.
For example, if you saw some red text appear in the log, you'd immediately know either slave or soldier died without even reading it. Or something like "(red) ▼ Tobacco: By order of the king, prices of tobacco dropped by 20 %.", "(green) ▲Sugar: Fire in sugar factory.". Just try to make the messages recognisable at the first glance and, please, resize the oversized log area.

Just one thing that came to my mind now is that the ships sometimes bundle together and sail in one large group, so instead of constant, steady flow of goods, you get one big haul of goods which most probably won't fit in your warehouse and then several seconds of nothing. Maybe you ought to place the ships more evenly on the trade route.

In the end, there's also something like "You completed the game in 6 months, 46 years" which should probably be reversed (months aren't as important as years, which is why the years should come first).

But anyway, as I said, it's an interesting, quite enjoyable game; well done!

Sebbernery responds:

Hi !
Thank you very much for your review and your advices. It's very valuable for us, game developpers (especially for me as a beginner). I'll try to update the game later using your advices.

Thanks again !

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