Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

I'm supposed to be playing PUNCH OUT but this one player called "TomFulp" keeps kicking my ass.

I'm a total ass at this game lol. Great game tho

Haha, sometihng I've always wanted to do! :D I jest... but seriously I think I could take him.

buttons a and d for dodging aint working. It Makes me feel so angry!

It's decently polished, but a lot of things are missing that were the factors that made Punch-Out great mainly the very distinct clarity regarding whether an opponent can be hit or not, clarity on whether you can keep attacking or not, and even the fact that blocking or dodging locks you out of other actions. Honestly though, the original Tyson fight is pretty BS as well, so it's not like you aren't being faithful. Also it's a minor gripe but not including the TKO system is a really a big oversight.

to many low star ratings for stupid reasons. this isnt the nes,its a computer,get over it. the game is great,looks and sonds good.also its fun.