Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

Could you make more complicated controls?

I like the remake. great job

It's hard to play when the controls suck more than playing on an emulator


Seriously this game this game is so hard but that's what makes it so cool, I really enjoyed this game I mean 10/10
Something that pissed me off is that there was a moment where the break started just when I knocked out Tom, this made the game act weird because when I was near killing him I just couldn't, I had hit him so many times (and I don't know what happened this last time that I went all pro player) but he did not die, is health bar was empty and he still didn't die, is when he knocked me out the second time, them his health was back to 50% and mine well, now the bug was in me! not Tom! I had infinite health (which is fair because if you think of it, it wasn't fair that I almost beat him and them this bug made me had to try again, is like knocking him 4 times, not fair) and I realize this because he gave me one of those super uppercut and I didn't die, I wasn't even knocked out, so well this bug was pretty weird and I was just trying to get points until the bug disappeared or try a super uppercut thinking that it was necessary to beat him with it
Well, this is really awesome, but I will give 4.5 because of that bug, when you make things difficult is not nice to have bugs, is always good to test your game and try do challenge your systems making things that may broke the game, for example giving yourself immortality and leave Tom at 1 health, wait until the clock is at 3:00 or 2:30 I don't know, make him unable to evade, and beat him up, just to see if there is a bug with it, because that's what I did expect I was not trying to do it and I did not use hacks, hacks are just alright if you are trying to find errors and vulnerabilities in games, programs, websites, everything

-Don't spam left and right hook, wait for the right moment
-Just attack after he attacks, or when he has his fists up and not down
-your super uppercuts are precious, don't waste them
-w+left or right key gives you more stars, those stars are the many times you can use super uppercuts
-Don't block with a, just use s, because if he gives consecutive punches I don't think you will be able to evade them all, a and d are just for his super uppercuts
-Don't get illusions, because if you see your photo and Tom is not because is a demo or is incomplete or you won, because is neither, OH YES! ANOTHER ROUND BABY! oh, but something good is that you don't have to fight him all over again, is just a little rest for you so you don't get all mad and destroy your computer, I mean that's cool
-What isn't cool man, is that just starting he can give you a super uppercut, also after the breaks, be careful, haha the only bad thing about rounds uh? but hopefully you will only get one break so you will only have to be scared of him knocking out 2 times, fair right? no? them sorry man but is not my problem, track deathink and tell him to change that and make it easier but that's not my problem, oh, I recommend a shotgun, I know rifles are great but shotguns are powerful
-The ending is not special, sorry to disappoint you, ejem ejem even though I am not the one ejem ejem stupid deathink, it doesn't cost that much to give 10,000$ dollars as a reward <.<
-TomFulp is a internet icon, icons don't die, unless you tell the CIA to ban it
-Another way to win is hacking, but is not my fault if the police and an angry mob of fair players comes to your house (I actually don't know any place where this game is hacked but is not worth it, if is not difficult them it will be boring, that's the point of the game, be difficult, if you want it easier without making it too easy them that's your choice, the only hack I would approve is unlimited health for you or just for Tom, so you can see how much score can you make until he beats you up)
-MUSIC IS AWESOME BHJWHFJAOFWESHLOPJW, actually no, it starts to be pretty annoying because of hearing it way too many times, seriously I should take my fucking headphones right now, I am having a headache from this song (recommendation for deathink:maybe with three or more songs it will be fine, just let one loop for maybe 10 minutes or 5 and them change to another one, I really don't know how to make this less annoying, but I don't think changing them every time they finish is the right option, because this song for example is not too long but the loop is what makes it better)

PD:Sorry if I made some typos, sometimes I put words where they don't go because of unknown reasons, things that I can't solve unless I review my comments but as hypocrite this sounds, I am lazy to read testaments and bibles like this ones, too long, I have a cursed which makes me write bibles

So I hate to nitpick, but your first medal reference to Mike Tyson's rape charge is actually false. His name was dropped from the title after having lost his championship. His conviction came after.

Other than that, great game! Love the music! Haven't knocked Tom out yet, but I will!

deathink responds:

Wow, that was just a myth... fixed