Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

There is no way to win this crap and is hard enough that you made him have a one hit down but it is so hard

For 2 days...this is impressive!

Seems like a bit corny to have the NG founder in there but hell its funny!

The controls felt a bit clunky but its got a cool arcady feel to it. Hope you make it into something more!


You should create some full version, with other newgrounds mascots, and then tom fulp is the final boss, this is fucking great by the way, it has a modern feel to it while still remaining classic, this is basically perfected, please make a full version.

5 stars. Controls kinda suck, but its freaking punch out with Tom Fulp...very much enjoyed the game.

Holy shit was this how hard nintendo's 1994 Punch out was? Respect to people who have beaten this game and punch out.