Reviews for "-Clutterfunk Part 2-"

Amazing! Another great work by Waterflame! It's really interesting how you got something so different from Clutterfunk, by editing the files FOR Clutterfunk :O ! The main beat was the best part for me! 10/10 would listen again!

Nice And Relaxed, But Not As Good A Cllutterfunk Part 1 Though!


After listening to it 5 times the cymbals started to wear on my ears. But it has a good composition and melody.

I honestly think Clutterfunk should be its own genre because it uses such a variety of genres that you can't honestly give it an ordinary genre.

Like what EDMkiller12345 said this sounds more like a remix, but if you do a 3rd clutterfunk then you could mix the sound from the first CF (Random and unexpected) with this style at drops or something.

Looking forward to a part 3, keep making this inspiring and innovative music!