Reviews for "-Clutterfunk Part 2-"

GD soon have ClutterFunk V2
also sounds more like heaven than hell in 1 version
Major better then minor

This was way better than the first version.I liked it a lot. Keep it up!!!

this is perfect for a GD sequel

I think this song is just amazing! Flawless! I liked Clutterfunk quite a lot, but this...this is just...wow. I mean, the way you took sounds from the original Clutterfunk and put them here along with new sounds makes it sound so great! And the way the song's tune sort of builds up as it goes keeps me hooked too. I also really liked the mixing as well as the way the sounds were layed out. Amazing song!

OMG! I always liked Clutterfunk, but this.... is over 9,000! Wish this could be my ringtone!