Reviews for "-Clutterfunk Part 2-"

My thoughts on the audio

1. Presentation. It starts up where Clutterfunk left at and picks up pretty fast. It doesn't hold back on the beats and random things and reverbs

2. Design. It has a random but concrete design in sound and very upbeat and techy.

3. Flowline. It flows extremely well and puts up a good beat when going. In short. Flows very well.

In Total. 5* It's a well made and happy track to listen to. Needs a frontpage :)

This seems like a more organized version of Clutterfunk. Seems good, but needs a little more clutter ;-;

Clutterfunk unfinished ;3;

To extract some drum samples?! This is a treasure trove of drums! I must download this and decompile it!

Seems good, Water!