Reviews for "One Punch Man vs H2oDelirious"

Really awesome to see some Delirious love here. Great animation man. Keep working at it. It's obvious you have talent

WHUU??? some people disagree on this cartoon?? This shit was amazing!!!!!! I wish I knew how to do a fighting animation sequence.. Take my money man!!!! Keep up the badass work!!

Nice one guys keep up the good work

Well....that was unexpected. Yeah, the voice wasn't the greatest but meh, I've heard worse. But....I'll get to the "unexpected" part later. The fight scene was quite well done. Seemed kinda....sketchy to me. Not saying it was bad, but like that kind of art piece where you slapped a brush on and Voila, you made art. Not really the best of your abilities but hey, it's art. You made. Happy day. :)

However, I thought that youtuber in this video was just going to be "that guy"....but didn't expect him to shut his mouth when saitama accidently...just flicked his finger. I mean.....daaaaayum. Talk shit, get....flicked.