Reviews for "One Punch Man vs H2oDelirious"

Haha! Great voice acting!

I laughed at the end there... Man, Delirious got blown the fuck away. XD

Good one. I laughed at the end.

I love this!!
I'm a Delirious fan and i'm really happy someone made this for him!!

I admit to not watching "One Punch Man" but I can understand it well enough to like this. The animation is wonderful! It's easy to tell what he's about from his name. I liked the emotions shown in this. It was pretty short. With a name like that, it's to be expected.

The best part is of course the very end. You knew he wouldn't lose. I appreciate the voices too. Wait, was that something taken from the show? There weren't voice actors credited.

DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! Glad it was clear even without knowing the show. Give it a go when you have a change it's really good.
Oh and about the voices, one punch man lines are original from the show, and i didn't credit Delirious as one since he's already in the title.