Reviews for "One Punch Man vs H2oDelirious"

<33333 You guys did such a freaking great job!!!

I seen in youtube and thought it was a remake of that one but was the same one lul Derp Still good Kappa.

The way how H2oDelirious puts on his Hockey mask: Bleach Style!!! XD

@killingspeerx In a way it's an inside joke. If you've heard any of H20Delerious's stuff on youtube, whether on his channel or VanossGaming etc. That's how he sounds. If i'm not mistaken, that's his actual voice doing the lines, so... not sure why he wasn't credited tbh. If not, that's a REALLY good impression. lol

About the animation, good work! Loved the fluid work~

DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it

Also... I assumed that if i wrote that this cartoon was made for him especially plus his name is in the title it'd be pretty obvious without voice credit - but since the voice credit thing popped out a few times before i guess i assumed wrong. Updated the description


That was amazingly done, the animation and the way Saitama was represented.

But my only issue would be the voice, I mean it sounds like the Mic wasn't that good or something.