Reviews for "For Harambe"

Medal review: Easy list and solid amount of points. I was entertained as I made my way through the different endings which is always a plus.

Crap, I thought the thing was keeping track of the code parts I unlocked.... Otherwise this is really great.

Interesting piece of work, really cracked me up a few times. Swans suck. "Meditation in Internet culture" is about right. This was a funny way to get your thoughts out.

One issue I had is that after I choose "Is this a protest," I can only reset to the 2nd set of options and cant get back to the original set so I'm locked out of some endings.

no... just no

This was interesting. I honestly dont know what all this harambe stuff is (just know a gorilla got shot) but this was interesting to see.

gonna go ahead and watch for future work from ya. ... wish I didnt have a bruised rib cause the blooper real hurt my fucking chest good lord. was a nice creation.

DeSaGames responds:

I make these games to cause pain.

Thanks for the kind words!