Reviews for "For Harambe"


"You can't sell cereal with a dead gorilla.", best line of the game. Keep trying to get better quality picture transfers! It's much easier to appreciate your quirky writing and drawing styles when it's clean, clear, up close and personal. Embellish your visual work a little more (unmentioned things happening in the background, better settings, hats?, different angles) as well, or at least try it once, nothing flashy..

The audio does sound a little on the bassy side and possibly low quality bit rate, perhaps from conversion to Flash? Audio gets a passing grade like a B- but could be better, VA performers did a sweet job.

Another enjoyable game with a analytical and thoughtful script, always a pleasure! Oh, I didn't mind writing down the numbers (6/6 should be 5/5, whoops) but it would've been nice if each path completed had automatically been entered and/or if each path were backed up (in case of browser refresh or something, just nit-picking, pushing you to improve, for questionable reasons on my part.)

DeSaGames responds:

Always a pleasure to read your feedback VicariousE!

Whilst I will happily take credit for the writing and production of this whole thing the art is made by an artist I've partnered with. We're slowly moving into digital territory and within the next couple of games I reckon we'll be using tablet drawn art so the overall quality of the pictures should definitely improve.
Audio quality is still a bit of a mystery to me with these things. I reckon if I export in a different fashion I might be able to get a much cleaner sound in the future without having to sacrifice the accuracy of each line.

There's still a bazillion things I want to work on and quite a few things down the pipeline. The feedback of people who have been here all the way since the beginning is always awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to review!

Good voice acting, but bad audio recording;
Good drawings, but the border lines are pixelized;
You have the talent, but lack the appropriate tools to produce quality.
Also too little choices for the amount of dialogue there is, you could've done just a little bit more, it feels much more like an interactive movie than a game at this point.

DeSaGames responds:

That sounds just about right. We're hoping to move on to actual digital drawings in a couple of games to avoid the pixelated stuff. The quality of the recording is probably going to stay the same over the next couple of games since I don't have the cash for a professional mic set up but maybe somewhere down the line I might actually buy some kind of equipment.
As for the choices I'm sticking to shorter games at the moment so I can polish up my writing and production but worry not there are more interactive games down the line.

BonziBuddy Is a gorrila monkey,And Harambe Is just a gorrila

DeSaGames responds:

Ever seen Bonzi and Harambe in the same room together? I don't think so.

i like the educational way you convey your message R.I.P Harambe 4 stars for the way the message was conveyed and 1 star for the tits

DeSaGames responds:

He will always be with us in spirit.