Reviews for "For Harambe"

I was trying codes in the secret zone and i finded it without play XD LOL

this was great, but I'm taking one star away since I like swans.

this is fucking hilarious and fun
good work dude

I am wearing a sexy prisoner outfit and I need a sexy jumpsuit

This is fun and all, but whenever I try to put the code in, the screen just turns white and I can't input the code. Is that a bug?

DeSaGames responds:

Heya, thanks for the review!
My apologies for the bugginess of this game. The preloader is busted and since the game uses actual image files instead of vectors a lot of the stuff simply isn't loaded in by the time you get to it.
If you reopen the game, wait for a bit and then try inputting the code it should work.
All of the games currently in production have working preloaders and use flash art in order to not take up a bunch of space.

Sorry for the inconvenience.