Reviews for "The Tale Teller"

absolutely enthralling, if i could give a sixth star than i would

My little brother killed himself this year, far away from here. He was my target audience. My co-writer. My best friend. I told him I was proud of him, just before the end.

I feel like the soldier and the storyteller both. Winter comes for these mountains Jimmy loved, and now mom's new husband has turned into an abusive alcoholic. He reels her in and back again with slurring sweet talk. I can't stay here and I can't leave her. She won't confront him and she won't let me confront him.

But after watching this video, I know what must be done. The only way to end this without more violence is to tell mom an old story. And if I don't survive to see the winter, at least I'll see Jimmy again

Thank you Jazza.


Wow you really outdid yourself here the "NARRATING" was amazing wouldnt mind some subtitles to ad some extra measure, Cute scenes even with the lil jester great backround scenes and visuals, So visiting the portal is like going to a big casino there are somany slot machines and tables, somany shiny and interesting sounds, And so when I find something like this in the portal it puts a smile on my face because its like I am back in the casino once again.

wouldnt mind some subtitles to ad some extra measure


Once again I regret to be so jaded
But in this tale there's noting to be hated
I am sure, in a past winter, I would've cried
But either way, a perfect score, won't be denied

I don't cry often but this made me