Reviews for "The Tale Teller"

Fantastic.... Gorgeous... Amazing... 10/10...
Easily, one of the best animations I've ever watched by far. I held on to this and decided to watch it sometime later when I first saw it, and now I finally gave it a go :^)

Every single aspect was done so great... the voice acting and script was phenomenal, the artstyle had great colors and awesome textures, the violin music and sounds too... can't find anything negative to point out, it's just... perfect! :D
So glad I finally came around this and watched it. Impressive work right here.

Brilliant masterpiece!

I felt all emotions. So well done.

So Beatiful );

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnH8tQcMCeA3QpdOZLEqmDQ subscribe to me for free bitcoins! the author should use more gifs