Reviews for "The Tale Teller"

This is a masterpiece, incredible work. Thank you!

I cried...for the first time in 7 years, I cried.
You sir have my eternal respect.

it made me cry but for a reason I had related to this story in a lot of different ways. I tell stories like he does but only in my way, without a book and without a paper I tell them through my heart. I want to show the world that everyone can play a part. so thank you for making me smile and cry for a little while for I just like he did play a part in all that is hid. I watched this time and time again just because it gave me such a massive grin. so thank you again for all that you brought with giving me such great thought.

Kept me hooked until the end.

Very nicely made, looks absolutely gorgeous, it's just a bit boring and doesn't really seem Newgroundsy if you get what I mean, it doesn't particularly go anywhere and lacks some of the things I come to Newgrounds to watch.