Reviews for "The Lair"

Simple, but fun game!

Cute game, and nicely made, through X+Z is not confortable for me. In EU many use QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#QWERTY-based_layouts_for_Latin_script

krajzega responds:

For French and German layouts, the game will also accept C+V (in place of Z and X, respectively). The controls are done by the PICO-8 web player, and I was hoping it would use whatever keys take their place - Y+X for German, for example. Is that not the case?

I added info on the alternate keys to the description, let's hope it helps others who have that problem :).

I'd recommend playing it on friendly so you can get the mechanics down. Other than that, it's not bad. A little too difficult for my taste.

I admit that I wasn't really into this game much at first, but I still liked it. It's mostly because it's fairly simple to understand. I like how the villains are so unique. You got a good variety with your enemies. The most annoying ones were probably the ghosts. They just ran at you so much.

The sounds are great too. The graphics are bright and colorful. It doesn't have much in terms of backgrounds. I was surprised at all the medals. You just have to keep beating the game over and over.

krajzega responds:

You're probably right about the medals! I'll see if I can fit a few more that don't require a full playthrough.

EDIT: I did add two medals in a different vein - the 32kb PICO-8 cartridge can't take anymore, though :).

Great little game. I think some of the play mechanics could be improved. But aside from that, I think this was really fun for the 5-10 minutes I put into playing it. I'd like to see a more expansive game on a mobile platform. That'd be something I would pay for.

krajzega responds:

I'd love to hear which mechanics you'd like improved and how :). Can't ever have enough feedback to learn from.