Reviews for "The Lair"

I don't like brawler style games. And I found the weapon swinging sluggish and frustrating.

That said, the visual aesthetic was excellent. I loved the flowing water around the moon's reflection and the flames that generate on the screen when you die.

Audio was sub-meh.

Excellent game, but needs more classes.

This game is incredibly well polished and has a specific gameplay style which is executed absolutely brilliantly. Each attack feels meaningful and damaging but not to the point of feeling clunky. The art style is apt for the mood and the difficulty is fair but difficult.

I have very few criticisms of this game except for perhaps that it could be fleshed out some more, perhaps with an upgrade system, if you want to go the route of a Learn to Fly meets Canabalt meets Dark Souls.

This game is a pleasure to play, excellent job!

krajzega responds:

Thanks for the review! The game is exactly the size it is due to limitations of the medium - it was made for PICO-8, a fantasy console that only allows a very limited amount of code of your game.

I'm not saying no to making a bigger version at some point in the future, but believe me - this is as much as I could stuff into the game given the limitations :).

Good game simple controls and fun gameplay.