Reviews for "The Lair"

This game is fucking amazing. There absolutely needs to be more of this. Every enemy feels like a real threat which you have to prioritize at times, specifically the leeches and alien looking spitters that'll tear you the hell apart if you don't deal with them quickly. Yet, no enemy feels like it takes too long to take care of and with your dash attack you can move around fast enough past the skeletal enemies or avoid the little buggers in order to attack properly. I can bet money that people who are the type to ignore the block button in any game entirely are going to be a little turned off by this game at first, even I was when I had just started off, but don't listen to them at all. I am in desperate need for a sequel to this that is larger by tons. This is the kind of game that, with enough content of course, I would gladly spend hours on end in and honestly be willing to keep going even if no save system was put in and I lost said hours of progress because I got careless.

good mix of fighting games and adventure games



I give you three stars because it was a good game with great potential which was unfortunately never realised.

Quite repetitive and boring gameplay
Quite repetitive enemies and not much strategic playing needed to beat them