Reviews for "Sins Of Daisy Episode 4"

Amazing job as always!

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the support.

I've been waiting for this episode to come out. And it was well worth waiting for. I downloaded the full game from your rpgmaker page. I do like games that can make you feel for the characters which can often help with the story. But sad though that this is based off something that has happened.

I liked the hide and seek game; pretty funny dialogue. And even some interactions in game had a good chuckle.

****SPOILER ALERT**** Though you should have played it before reading the reviews!
The endings do answer a lot of questions but by that same token they also create some too. The poison for instance that supposedly killed Quinn in ep 3 (via air transmission; if you got that ending) didn't harm Autumn or Ann even though they were well within its effective lethal range for air transmission.
Autumns involvement did shock me at first but later seeing in the endings that she was only a puppet who didn't have much of a choice. There are some other plot holes which Pleiadic explains quite well.
****SPOILERS END******

Some typo's here and there but I can let that slide; that just requires a 2nd read over of the dialogue.
On the whole though this is really well done. I hope you do strongly consider making more games like this.

Extraordinary! I see you added some things to it since beta.
Keep up the good work!

i love it

I really enjoyed the game yet, the only problem I had was how you had to remember what choices you made in the previous part. Also what system do you use to make these games?

ZeroDigitZ responds:

RPG Maker MV 1.3 Engine