Reviews for "Sins Of Daisy Episode 4"

Bravo @ZeroDigitz! I did Ending 1 though I am super curious of the other endings.

Not sure if this was a bug or part of the game, but after you pop the breaker up (to turn the lights on to view clock and computer) once you go back upstairs, the screen was dim the rest of the game (until I found the letter in the dog house) Pretty sure its a bug cause it was a pain in the ass to find the dog house with the screen like that. Slight other lag problems but way better than it was in previous games.

Im sad its over. I hope you continue to make these sort of games. The storyline was really really well done and I loved playing it.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

I'm glad you liked the game, but check the riddle room and decipher the code. I will continue to make more games like this and I am currently working on something that will be better than this series.

I will look into the issue with the power not being restored in the basement room.

Thanks for the kind words and the brief mention in your news post.

Hayo, nice to see the final chapter of your story!

I found this one very enjoyable, and I think it's gotten better since the first one.
The atmosphere during Daisys walkaround was nicely done, although it is a little disappointing that the supernatural jumpscary bits (the tv and the clock) never actually were resolved...
The one riddle you had in this one was entertaining and it took me a while to take the hint, actually, so props to you :D
Also, Quinn being not-actually-dead felt like a bit of an ass-pull. I get that it makes for a surprising twist at the end, but honestly it didn't make too much sense - how would daisy even have known quinn to create an illusion of him in their purgatory?
I'll write about the individual endings separately, but overall, I think you did a good job - I enjoyed the little interactions you put in with the daisy walkaround - the bathroom, for instance, and the stuff in the basement. stuff like that brings a game to life so. much. (anyone playing this, make sure you double check Birch's basement. it's worth it.)

Anyways, the first ending I got was "Daisy's letter".
The dog house was a nice touch, although the dialogue was very on the nose about it... the letter itself was alright in its writing, but the formatting went wrong - you had line breaks in the middle of sentences, which doesn't go well with slow scrolling text... as for the letter's content, I get what you did, but I also feel like that self referential, philosophical dream bit-foreshadowing was a bit out of place? as in, it didn't really tie anything together, you know?
It might have been better to spell out more about what she saw that forced her to die, or reveal more about Autumns involvement - like the other endings did.

regarding the "Lost memories":
So you actually had the different endings just contain different perspectives, huh? I think that is a bad idea. It means that one ending on its own doesn't suffice to understand the story and leaves many open ends.
This ending felt much more like an ending than the first one - it showed how autumn was actually involved, and gave information on Dan's aftermath. Although I don't understand why in this ending, he ends up persecuted while the previous one has him set free by Quinn...
I will say though that this one is my favourite ending.

Moving on, to "Daisy's nightmare":
Having to replay essentially the entire game is kind of a pain, especially with how slow it tends to run...
(on a side note, rushing through the first part - it's kind of goofy how rose and Leslie's shadow images flash before you even when you didn't talk to them. They didn't disappear, so there's two Leslies/ Roses)
Well then. It looks like I actually have more to review. It also means some of what I wrote earlier is only half-true. Oh well...
So it seems there actually is a different course of actions now, which is nice. So Birch being in purgatory actually makes sense now, but Anns motivations don't. wasn't the whole point of Daisy's murder so that she could take off with birch? and now she "takes care" of him too? eh....
Also, this ending causes the dialogue in the beginning to not make sense anymore. There's no self-defense involved anywhere.
The end itself mirrors the Lost memories, except of course Autumn and Quinn are dead. That's allright as well, and I like this ending as well, bar the aforementioned things.

And Finally, "no more hate":
...starting with a bit of self-hate b/c I didn't save last time and had to play the whole thing AGAIN.
(if you're really only going to have two crucial points per game, maybe work with auto-saves/checkpoints next time?)
"act like you didn't here that". found a typo :p
that aside, there's a loose end that didn't get tied up - the hit and run from long ago...
really, this end tied up the least plot threads. The middle part is like "nightmare" and the end mirrors "diary", except without the diary. I guess there's goodbyes from quinn and daisy, but really, you have no resolution.

So, final judgement. both for this game and the whole series...
I enjoyed it. It was somewhat clunky, the dialogues were awkward and there is a lot of unresolved plot and plot holes, plus it runs somewhat slowly - that might be me though.
Nevertheless, you were able to create a nicely tense atmosphere and overall, the story you told was still interesting and you managed to weave in some comic relief quite elegantly. This game in particular proved to be a step forward from the last ones, albeit still suffering from some of the same issues.
I think you have a fair amount of room to improve, but there are also a bunch of things you did right.
It was fun playing through and nagging about these games, so, as always:
Thanks for creating ;)

Get someone to proofread your scripts. Ex. 'I seen' is not right.

nice try though. a bit watery, but still fair.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review, and I definitely need to improve on my grammatical errors. I will make sure to proofread, and allow someone else to look over my work before I publish my next project.

Definitely not as fun as the others, in my opinion. It just doesn't have the replayability for playing it 4 times to be fun, especially when you have to sit through so much of the same dialogue and cutscenes. It really starts to turn boring, and it isn't always that rewarding. I know that staring at that cemetery for almost a full minute wasn't very rewarding at all

Whenever I tried to get out of the menu while in the game, I got a message saying "Security Error: Failed to read the 'localstorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document." I couldn't even get started with the game

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Follow this tutorial if you are using chrome.

If that doesn't fix it, you may want to try a different web browser or there may be a script installed like adblock plus causing this issue.