Reviews for "Balloon Battle"

wow this was made in da early years of newgrounds...

sh't I watched this video when I was 5 years old :///

I'm not a fan of these kinds of games. I really did enjoy this, though. It's mostly because you managed to make something that looks kind of dumb, into something really cool! There's a lot of great action scenes in this. You can really feel the tension build up. The music is great too.

I also love how you reveal where the guns came from. That's an interesting question. You made balloons really badass! Then again, I haven't played the original games. Maybe they're as good as this!

Ah, this is the flash that made me join Newgrounds back in 2003 (I even commented then too).

I thought this was already in my favorites but apparently not. Gonna have to fix that.


unexpected ending :D but you gave me a laugh, so it was worth to look at :D

you should make a anotherone ^^