Reviews for "Balloon Battle"


I thought u did a perfect imitation of a balloon duel game. I didnt get who the guys from the extra scenes were tho.

So so...

Not too bad. Guess the soundtrack was not to my liking... You know if you get to a certain level on balloon fight it just goes back to the beginning? Much like a great comment on the futility of life... Yeah...

Good job

I really liked the whole concept you had going. It was a very simple movie, yet it grabs your attention. I hope to see more work from you, great job.

Loved it

I remember playing that game as a child. I really loved it alot It was a great game. And I really loved the movie. It was funny and awesome The song was really really good. I thought you did a outstanding job making this game. I hope you make more of those.

Love Balloon Battle

I LOVED this game for the NES. Too bad you can't flip in the game like you did in the flash ^.^ Anyway, the graphics were awesome (I love sprite movies) The music was good, it fit with the movie. The violence is good, there isn't too much, and there isn't too little. You put bonus scenes in and this flash was hilarious. 10 out of 10. Kudos to you, keep up the good sprite movies.