Reviews for "Mighty Dragons"

Your Game looks awesome and make so much fun to play. I love it <3

Jbert000 responds:

Glad you like it! Thank you.

Its a fun game. But I find if you try and play it on Chrome the frame rate drops so much that it becomes unplayable. It works fine on Firefox though.

Jbert000 responds:

Yes it's a known issue with Unity's WebGL player. It's going to get fixed eventually but for right now there's nothing I can really do. I'll be sure to update the game once it gets fixed (hopefully soon!).

Hey, Great game.

I love the graphics and the mechanics!

I used Chtorme and works well, itm seems to get stuck loading but works.

Graphics: 4 stars.

Music: 3 Stars.

Gameplay: 4 stars.

Theme: 4 stars.

Jbert000 responds:

Alright good to know that it works ok with Chrome. My computer struggles a bit when I use it. Thanks for the feedback!

It gets boring pretty quickly, but i'm definitely a fan of the graphics and the music!

Jbert000 responds:

I'm open to suggestions! Thanks for playing.