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Reviews for "Mighty Dragons"

It seems more fun than it really is, is more or less what I've come to figure out with playing it.

The biggest issue I run into often is the lack of healing, I'm LUCKY if I even see a 5 heart heal with in 7+ waves of killing things where it's like....okay....some health would be lovely right now. To add onto that one, this REALLY and I do stress that really beyond normal words here, status effects should NOT last after a wave is over. I get hit with poison cause a boss is unavoidable with it and then all the sudden i'm losing HP while picking chests, that's a no.

Upgrades, most feel like I gained nothing...An example you want me to spend 5 points to add an extra 2 damage on when i pick up an apple which is RNG based. It should be here is +2 points per level for each level when an apple is picked up or make it boost the appearance of them vs spend 5 and get a small boost.

The HP upgrade, The 1st level is only 2 HP which unless it adds a lot more as it's leveled up screams...Never mind wasting your time on this boost as it's not going to save you much or at all.

Increasing time before drops disappear shouldn't be a skill...It's something that should just be normal, I miss things more than once since i'm trying to doge all sorts of stuff while moving toward it only to have it disappear seconds before i can get to it

One of the most fundamental skills I don't even see which is a magnet based skill which really should be there in place of the extra time before they disappear on you if anything.

Golden Enemies...These...I actually hate seeing for a simple fact, I beat it and have TO PAY TO OPEN THE CHEST. Yeah, can't say how many times I'm in a level kill it not enough gold to open a chest...Wow what a waste of a possible. It's a rare find, it should be a free chest that's kinda the point no? Unless they give super good items which case yeah then it could be pay based but they need to be good since you're in the middle of a fight.

The Exp/Gold seem to be highly minimal which drags the game along to a point, yet at one point I start to feel is it worth even trying to beat the game then? It's dragging along something that doesn't exactly have to be that way, to the point I wonder if there is even an end to it.

Overall I know I have more to say, but I also have more to explore and since I can't update it will likely be all I say on it.
The game has what it needs to be better and the clay to be more awesome at that, it just needs a little more sculpting before it becomes a great game vs an alright game.

Gonna Give it a 3/5 when I know it could be more of a 3.5-4.5 with some changes.

Jbert000 responds:

Thanks for the review you have some good points. It's a fine line balancing this sort of game. One tweak and the player is too powerful. Tweak it back and the player is too weak. I've been getting closer to a good middle but I've overshot it (one way or the other) many times already.

Anyway thanks again for the detailed reponse I'll be making some adjustments.

Fun game. Simple & strangely addictive!

I have to agree with Cloudhopper though, the upgrade system feels really weak. As I allocate points I don't really feel like I'm getting stronger or can progress further.

Maybe adding a feature that allows you to equip certain skills that you've discovered in a meaningful way to augment your dragon of choice would help.

Or giving each dragon a skill tree based on how far you've made it with him.

Something to make you feel like you're getting more powerful.

Otherwise great work!

Jbert000 responds:

I'll try and improve the leveling system in future updates. I didn't want people to finish the game too quickly but obviously I took it a bit too far!

Thanks for the review.

My main gripe is that it's way too hard to upgrade all your stuff, considering how minor most of the upgrades are. You either need to make the upgrades much more powerful so that it's worth sinking your precious points into them, or you need to award more upgrade points per level so people can get more of the upgrades at once.

Other that that, this is a fun way to waste some time. Items are powerful but they are luck-of-the-draw, and since the upgrades don't do a whole lot it seems like I've hit a plateau around wave 30ish.

Jbert000 responds:

I've lowered the amount of experience you get from enemies because I didn't want people to reach max level too quickly. I think that was a mistake.. I'm going to change it back so you get more experience and level up more quickly. I wasn't too sure on the leveling system so it's good to get some feedback on it, thanks!

- Update (1.2.2): It might need more tweaking but I've slightly increased the amount of exp enemies give you.

Really good game. It's beautiful and the variety of enemies and bosses is pretty fun.

I wish the hearts were worth more HP or appeared more often... Getting hit in the first level = 19 points of damage, I think? And each heart is only worth 5 HP.
Also, some upgrades, like Fury, wear off faster than a level can begin. What's the point if it doesn't last longer than it takes to activate it from a chest and a new chain of monsters to appear? I see that I can add points into it from leveling to make things like that last longer, but I shouldn't have to add points into it just to make it relevant.

Jbert000 responds:

I recently changed it so only 5 HP hearts drop from enemies. It's tough finding the right balance but I'll increase the heart drop rate a bit more and maybe add the 10 HP hearts back too.

For the frenzy item - I didn't even think about but it makes sense. I'll update timed items to only countdown once the wave starts (or when an enemy is on the screen).

Helpful feedback! Thank you.

- Update: I slightly increased heart drop rates + added possible 10hp heart drops (Version 1.2). Should be better but might change it again after more testing!

So pretty. Lots of items makes me want to play this for longer of time. I see a lot of place for improvement - I really miss that my dragons don't level up. Audio is ok as well.

Bosses tend to get repetitive.

Jbert000 responds:

I'm working on adding more enemies and items. I'll try and improve the boss battles a bit in updates.