Reviews for "XCVB ++"

It's good, but they're all the same levels from the original game, I would've liked an actual improvement of the game not just graphically.

makehimanoffer responds:

Absolutely agree.

So..... basically what happened was.

I got help from a friend to make this awesome color wheel thing for the background image which was absolutely sexy as anything.

but.... the way I mapped out the levels and coded them was not very scalable at all.

The overall hope was to be able to make the way I created levels scalable, but because the game started as a jam game I did things in a really hacky way. and all the start goals and end goals are hardcoded into the level class for the various levels. And also each level map asset for tiling and background image is also hardcoded.

And in order to make it more easily handleable I would have to work on creating an extra tileset which would be the same size as the overall map JUST for the start and finish tiles.

and then include them all in a global JSON string somewhere to be loaded at the right time.

And then with the malevolent levels things became even trickier.

I had this really cool idea of making the level creation as easy as possible, but it all went to the wayside.
so the original mapping is easy, but you've got to hardcode the start and end points.

and then I lost the tiling config I had setup and couldn't find it on my computer.

maybe someday I'll make some new levels on this.

BUT, I did add level selection, save games and some other stuff. but obviously could have tried harder.

the original sequel to XCVB was supposed to be SUPER XCVB. but since this wasn't really a sequel and wasn't really the same as the first game and was a major enough update I called it ++.

At first, I thought you were just joking with how hard it was. I mean, it seems like an easy game. I guess it's just because the graphics don't have much detail. Boy, was I wrong! I was mostly perplexed at how it wouldn't stop going forward.

It seemed hard enough already. I got a couple of medals so that's good enough for me. I'll give it credit for at least being creative. Is this thing a key? I guess it was just shaped like that to tell you the direction.

makehimanoffer responds:

it's a key yes. there was this thing where you were supposed to be opening doors. when you finished the level essentially

It's a very strange game. Playing it is like dropping some acid and fucking around with a Commodore 64. It's okay, but it definitely takes time to master. When you can get the controls down, it's okay. The music is great though. Muito bem!

makehimanoffer responds:

that's fairly accurate description :) . the dude who did the music is an australian chiptune artist. pretty good. nice guy.

This is hardly a game. You could get the same enjoyment out of playing Zelda with the controller upside-down and deciding that you lose if you touch a bush. It's the same thing. Actually, that would be better. You would actually have objectives to do in that game. You could try to beat a boss or even beat the game like that. This game has nothing like that. The only challenge in this game is its pointlessly convoluted controls. The reason that WASD "ruins" this game, as you say, is that there is literally nothing to it other than the arbitrary challenge that its bad controls present. You might as well make a game that can only be played with a laptop track pad. What's the point? Make good games, not hard games.

Also: Stop berating everybody who speaks the obvious and calls this a bad game. It makes you look bad. You made a game for us to play, not for yourself to gush over. Just because it's hard or because Markiplier played it doesn't mean that it's good. Anybody with common sense would stop playing this game after the first few levels. If you can't accept that, you can't design games. Period. You've delivered us the bare minimum and you're acting like it's a masterpiece.

Not only that, but I ain't even mad.

makehimanoffer responds:


Blam. The controls are weak, the graphics are poor and the responses from the game developer are berating and insulting at best.

makehimanoffer responds:

Sorry about your controls being weak! Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do about improving the haptic response of your keyboard. You might need to buy a new one I'd say.

I think the art assets are pretty simplistic to be honest. I'm not sure there's much I can do if you've got a poor graphics card that can't handle them. There's nothing very hi-res going on in my game that should be causing poor graphics response. Maybe the colors, but even they're not as hectic as they used to be.

I would say you might need to consider a new gaming setup from the sound of things.
Unfortunately that's not something I can help you with.

Thanks for playing my game!