Reviews for "XCVB ++"

This is hardly a game. You could get the same enjoyment out of playing Zelda with the controller upside-down and deciding that you lose if you touch a bush. It's the same thing. Actually, that would be better. You would actually have objectives to do in that game. You could try to beat a boss or even beat the game like that. This game has nothing like that. The only challenge in this game is its pointlessly convoluted controls. The reason that WASD "ruins" this game, as you say, is that there is literally nothing to it other than the arbitrary challenge that its bad controls present. You might as well make a game that can only be played with a laptop track pad. What's the point? Make good games, not hard games.

Also: Stop berating everybody who speaks the obvious and calls this a bad game. It makes you look bad. You made a game for us to play, not for yourself to gush over. Just because it's hard or because Markiplier played it doesn't mean that it's good. Anybody with common sense would stop playing this game after the first few levels. If you can't accept that, you can't design games. Period. You've delivered us the bare minimum and you're acting like it's a masterpiece.

Not only that, but I ain't even mad.

makehimanoffer responds:


I could not find Markepliers Lets Play to this, maybe you could send me a link? I would realy like to see him play this.^^
That part aside I gave your game some time.
It was challenging enough to make me want to beat it and i did, even though its not my kind of game (mainly because i dont like these small gaps to squeeze through xD).
Imho your game had a realy good length espacialy since making more levels would be extremely easy you stopped before the simple gameplay could feel boring.
I realy liked the music and the simple style, my guess would be that you are no fancy artist or the like and so you maked something good out of your limited ressources. (Of course i could be completly wrong with that :p)
I have to admit that i realy wanted to stop playing for a moment when the levels started shaking that seemed to be a realy strange decision and atleast for me it had a negative effect on the experience as a whole, maybe you had some testers and most of them didnt think that way? If not maybe ask your friends what they think about it and if i am right try something else... or dont its of course your decision.
All in all i liked your game and the music provided by your friend and i hope we see each other again in your next frontpage game, have a good one.
And of course im sorry for my bad english (mainly punctuation).

makehimanoffer responds:

If you look up XCVB markiplier on YouTube it should come up for you.

Yeah, made this game 3 years ago in 2 days. Updated the art, added tweening colors and made it less seizure inducing.

"This just in from r/iamverysmart."

How did you get that from what he said? He's right. It's a game where you move around in four directions and have to fight really bad controls.

makehimanoffer responds:

"utterly unremarkable formula" . someone gave this guy a thesaurus for christmas and he decided to digest the fucking thing.

acting as if the control scheme which is the main concept of the game is idiotic is ridiculous. QWOP is a thing, surgeon simulator is a thing, and any number of obtuse control schemes to play a game is a thing people implement. the challenge is part and parcel of the game experience.

and fuck you edgelord. go back to asking tumblr why your mom doesn't understand just how special you are instead of trying to go beyond playing this game and commenting on my profile like the salty little piece of shit you are. get a life.

Your entire concept is having a shitty control scheme for an otherwise utterly unremarkable formula? That's idiotic. 0/10

makehimanoffer responds:

This just in from r/iamverysmart.

At first, I thought you were just joking with how hard it was. I mean, it seems like an easy game. I guess it's just because the graphics don't have much detail. Boy, was I wrong! I was mostly perplexed at how it wouldn't stop going forward.

It seemed hard enough already. I got a couple of medals so that's good enough for me. I'll give it credit for at least being creative. Is this thing a key? I guess it was just shaped like that to tell you the direction.

makehimanoffer responds:

it's a key yes. there was this thing where you were supposed to be opening doors. when you finished the level essentially