Reviews for "XCVB ++"

First to beat! I must say that you have no idea how happy did you make me by submitting that game :-) I played the first one and I REALLY enjoyed it. This one is great as well - various levels, precise movement required, nice graphics and a unique movement scheme :-) If you'll ever plan to submit a third one - let me know :-)

makehimanoffer responds:

yeah the movement scheme is basically the point of the game, it's like the way qwop is awkward and counterproductive and so on. that's the point. you challenge your fingers and brain to do the right thing when what they're use to isn't what they're getting.

This game is *meant* to be hard. The control scheme is *meant* to be counter-intuitive and confusing. That is the entire point of the game! That's not a reason to knock off stars, folks. Then again lots of "mad cuz bad" going on I can tell. Shame because lots of decent games end up with lower scores than they deserve that way. (And lots of crappy games pass with higher scores just because they have easy medals)

makehimanoffer responds:

also I was a collosal asshole to everyone who reviewed it badly, which further accentuates people wanting to review it badly. phil fish effect. but yeah it's all G. thanks for playing the game and such... I've gotten some truly terrible games through judgement by putting in easy medals(see Happy Birthday to You for reference). and that still has good reviews, so it's definitely an easy way to get okay results. which means creators can be lazy if they wanna just give easy medals and people will vote them up

The controls took a LONG time to figure out. Like, a really long time. When the rotating levels started that of course increased the difficulty. It was annoying at some points where, because of the rotation, your square is off the playing screen you have to go blindly. The rotating and shaking destroyed me. It made me feel ill. I hate you. I felt like the malevolent levels were rather easy in comparison to earlier levels. I did beat the game so you said you would love me forever. You might find this to be a one sided love. Cheers.

makehimanoffer responds:

wait, was the character off the playing screen for you did you say? that shouldn't happen. hmmmmm. can you PM me details on what the issue was pls? and if you can remember the levels in particular.

I could not find Markepliers Lets Play to this, maybe you could send me a link? I would realy like to see him play this.^^
That part aside I gave your game some time.
It was challenging enough to make me want to beat it and i did, even though its not my kind of game (mainly because i dont like these small gaps to squeeze through xD).
Imho your game had a realy good length espacialy since making more levels would be extremely easy you stopped before the simple gameplay could feel boring.
I realy liked the music and the simple style, my guess would be that you are no fancy artist or the like and so you maked something good out of your limited ressources. (Of course i could be completly wrong with that :p)
I have to admit that i realy wanted to stop playing for a moment when the levels started shaking that seemed to be a realy strange decision and atleast for me it had a negative effect on the experience as a whole, maybe you had some testers and most of them didnt think that way? If not maybe ask your friends what they think about it and if i am right try something else... or dont its of course your decision.
All in all i liked your game and the music provided by your friend and i hope we see each other again in your next frontpage game, have a good one.
And of course im sorry for my bad english (mainly punctuation).

makehimanoffer responds:

If you look up XCVB markiplier on YouTube it should come up for you.

Yeah, made this game 3 years ago in 2 days. Updated the art, added tweening colors and made it less seizure inducing.

Took me a while, and a LOT of looking away from the screen to rest my eyes on those super shaky levels, but after beating it, I think it was pretty enjoyable. Music fits pretty well too.