Reviews for "3D Pong Z"

Slow motion pong

On high quality it is pretty much a slide show. It's unplayable. On low quality it takes LITERALLY 40 seconds for the ball to reach one side from the other.

I don't know if it's just because my computer is slow, but this is insane. It's so slow it's pretty much unplayable.

I love the F-zero music, that saved it, so I gave you a 9.

At one point in my life...

I loved chickens...
It just all faded away one day though.



This is just too great! This is best pong on NG...
Even that da ball traspass u sometimes.I like the music too!

this was awsome, but im not super fond of pong

enough said.


this is ultra sweet you can tell the truble and toil put into this make part 2 now!!!!