Reviews for "3D Pong Z"

not bad, fun

cool, but when you hit it, the tween should ease the other way - it looks weird as it is


I dont know what to say about this... I think people need to stop ripping off games like 30 years old, and start making there own ideas.


ITS REALLY EASY but can be fun ... for the first Couple of min then it gets really boaring Sorry but its not that good But i like how you can pick the backgrounds but some of them you should take out its just kills your eyes

Good but...

That was really weird didnt like the camera view but i guess it would not be a different pong then wouldnt it?? So i guess that was good but it gets pretty easy once you are use to it

Awesome innovation

That's a really cool idea, and you applied it to a really well working game! It's one of the most fun - fast paced flash games I've played. Folks, just crank the ball speed up, and make the CPU more intelligent, it aint slow paced! ANyways, hope to see more. Maybe some kind of a 3/4 view or something, or more game elements (i.e - a breakout esque thing, with bricks to break as well etc.)